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Complete Drives and Patios are experts at driveway design in Essex, from Southend and Shoebury across to Leigh on Sea and Basildon.

As well as this, we also have vast experience as patio pavers and garden design.

We can completely transform the exterior areas of your property, whether it's your driveway or garden.

From adding off-road parking to designing a stylish patio, we go the extra mile to providing our customers with an expert service.

We take our reputation of offering unmatched customer dedication very seriously and have quality service and affordable pricing as our top priorities.

Driveways Essex


Driveways can enhance the visual appearance of your home, whilst providing off-street parking that is considered a vital commodity for most homeowners.

We offer an extensive range of styles and materials that can be used.

We can provide anything from block paving drives to tarmac driveways to to match your taste and budget.

Also called brick paving, the decorative method is commonly used to create a hardstanding or pavement for patios and drives and of course gardens.

The primary benefit for customers opting for block paving using bricks instead of any other material is that the individual bricks that are used, can also be easily replaced at a later stage.

Why is this important?

It allows you to carry out maintenance and corrective work under the paving’s surface.

This avoids leaving any lasting marks once new paving bricks have been put in place of the old ones.

Areas that typically utilise block paving are driveways, pavements, patios, precincts, and town centres. Road surfacing however, is where it’s used most commonly.

The bricks used for paving are normally made from clay or concrete.

However, bricks can also be made out of certain composite materials.

Each type of brick has its own unique method of construction.

Drives and Patios Essex


The main area of difference between the two is in how they set and become ready for use. Bricks made of clay have to be fired in kilns in order to bake them hard.

Bricks made from concrete on the other hand, need time to set properly. Featuring a porous surface, concrete paving bricks are made by mixing together cement, dyes, sand, small stone hardcore, and a few other materials in different amounts.

Modern manufacturing methods allow block paving bricks to use recycles materials like broken glass and compacted building rubble.

Popular Block Paving Patterns

Block paving can be used to lay a multitude of designs and patterns.

The herringbone is the commonest of these patterns and offers the strongest bond between the block paving bricks thanks to a high degree of interlocking. This makes it apt for driveways as well as road surfacing. The herringbone pattern is created by installing the blocks either at 45 or 90 degrees to the perpendicular.

Basketweave and stretcher bond are two other types of popular block paving patterns. The former offers a comparatively weaker bond, which makes it suitable for areas that are expected to get very few footfalls.

Our designs are a wonderful way to expand your living space into your garden by creating a perfect area for you to enjoy your garden. This area will become ideal for entertaining friends and family, outdoor dining or just enjoying the outside on a sunny day.

Drives and Patios Essex


As a company that has a proud background as fencing specialists in Southend and the surrounding areas.

Our experience has ensured that our customers are always provided with a professional service that leaves them extremely happy.

We can offer a full range of fences for any and all gardens and areas that you require fencing for.

There's a lot more to fences than just a few wooden boards.

Choose from a wide array of designs, styles and looks from;

  • closeboard panel with concrete posts
  • TGV panel with matching gates
  • top lattice trellis with additional rebated capping
  • Venetian garden panels
  • Woven garden fencing
  • Waney panel
  • Timber acoustic barrier
  • Canterbury combi
  • Hit and miss fencing and Euroguard combi

Our wealth of experience ensures our customers are always provided with a professional service that can completely transform your garden.

From the initial design through to completion, we are focused on working closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements are always met.

We take great pride in the high level of our work and our customers reap the benefits of our ability to achieve unsurpassed quality for all our services.

Driveway Specialists Near Me

You can rely on Complete Drives and Patios Ltd to provide the finishing touch to enhance your property’s exterior.

Based in Essex, we have undertaken a wide range of projects for customers throughout the county.

With an extensive portfolio of our previous work, we can show you the varied amount of work that we have undertaken.