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Gravel Driveway Experts based in Southend on Sea Essex

Gravel Driveway Essex

Gravel driveways are one of the most popular types of driveways in the country.

They look fabulous with practically any kind of landscaping, providing a reliable surface with low maintenance requirements.

Our experts can consult with you to discuss the perfect type of gravel to lay to match the prevailing brick or stone building materials in your area.

By choosing us to put down your gravel driveway, you’re choosing specialists with both domestic and commercial experience.

What are the benefits of gravel driveways?

Are you wondering what the benefits of gravel driveways are?

Take a look at some of these reasons to get us to lay one for you.

Gravel driveways as a security measure

It’s nice to know if somebody is approaching your home.

But unless you’ve got a gravel driveway, you might not hear them.

Gravel makes a characteristic rustling noise as it’s crushed by approaching car tyres, alerting you to the fact that somebody is approaching your property, adding a much-needed layer of security.

Easy to maintain gravel driveways

No surface lasts forever, including gravel.

But thanks to their simplicity, using gravel for drives makes maintenance incredibly easy.

All that’s usually required is a squirt of weed killer and sweeping any gravel that has escaped off to the sides back into the driveway.

Highly affordable gravel driveway contractors

If you need to cover a large area at low cost, gravel is an excellent option.

Regular pea shingle is one of the cheapest aggregates available and comes in a range of qualities.

High-quality driveways use rounded pea shingle where stones are generally smooth, making them safe for vehicles and easy on tyres.

Gravel driveways are suitable for access roads, cheap home driveways, private roads and some commercial applications.

Why choose Complete Drives and Patios for gravel driveways?

Professional Gravel Driveway Service in Essex

Laying a gravel driveway isn’t as simple as pouring aggregate on top of topsoil.

It requires careful preparation of the ground.

To correctly pave the way for a gravel driveway requires extraction of the topsoil, and the insertion of a geotextile membrane to stop stones from being lost to the earth below.

At Complete Drives and Patios, our workers are highly trained and lay gravel driveways according to best industry practice, including laying the sub-base and the geotextile membrane.

One-on-one service for all gravel drive installations

If you’re not sure exactly what your gravel driveway requirements are, don’t worry.

By choosing us, you’ll get access to our team of experts who will provide you with one-on-one guidance.

We will discuss with you your individual needs and discover the very best gravel driveway solution for you.

Affordable gravel driveway costs in Essex

If you’re looking for an affordable driveway contractor and design solution, then get in touch with us today.

Ask us for a free no obligation quote to find out just how inexpensive we can be.