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What’s The Difference Between A Porch And A Patio?

Adding a porch or a patio to your property can be a great way to extend the living space. However, many homeowners struggle to decide which option is best for them – not least because the two terms are regularly (and inaccurately) interchanged.

What is a porch? What is a patio? And which is the right option for you? Here’s all you need to know.

What Is A Porch?


A porch is a structure found to the front of the property, usually by the entrance, that is incorporated into the structure of the main building.

Porches tend to be a low, covered structure. While the majority of porches are fully enclosed from all sides, it is possible to have a roofed structure that extends out from the main property and is open to the sides due to having no walls.

A porch protects the front door from weather damage, and can also serve as an extra barrier to prevent intruders getting into the property and potentially reduce outside noise levels. In many cases, the porch will add extra storage too.

What Is A Patio?


A patio is found at the rear of the property and is a separate construction that increases the potential living space without being attached to the main building.

This area is often built very close to the property, especially when patio doors are installed, to give homeowners the option of extending their living room or dining spaces in the summer. While they are generally used to supplement a garden, smaller properties may use a patio instead of one.

Patios can be built from a range of materials including gravel, stones, bricks, concrete or flagstones. It is also possible to incorporate a roof or pergola while lighting, furniture, and garden BBQ stoves may be incorporated too.

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Porch Pros And Cons


  • Improve the property’s appearance from street level
  • Serves as storage space
  • Offers some protection from the weather/intruders
  • Can be used to stop dirty feet entering the home


  • Cost of making structural changes to the property
  • Limited on how much space can be used
  • May require planning permission
  • Poor workmanship can damage property foundation

Patio Pros And Cons


  • Up to five times cheaper than patios
  • Adds a new dimension to the garden
  • Greater control on design, size, and aesthetic
  • Better ROI percentage


  • Requires maintenance
  • Eats away at garden space
  • No protection to the property
  • Become expensive if you incorporate furniture and fixtures


Both patios and porches can be worthwhile home additions while it’s also possible to choose both. However, they are very different upgrades that offer very different functions and aesthetics. The patio option is probably better for those wanting an easy and affordable project, especially if they want to start using the outside areas more frequently.

Then again, a porch can still have a positive impact on your home life, not least in regards to the aesthetic of the home’s exterior. Whichever home improvement is deemed best, call out friendly agents to discuss the proposal in further detail today.

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