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How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost?

There are different types of driveways that you can opt for in the market. Among the different driveway options that you can invest in, resin driveways are the best choice not just for you, but when it comes to many other people out there. Other driveway options include gravel and stones, asphalt, concrete as well as blocks and bricks.

Many people go for resin driveways because they provide them with many paving solutions. There are two key types of resin paving. You can opt for resin bound driveways that are made of gravel mixed with a special kind of adhesive and easily bond together. This is a great design if you want to lay it over a new sub-base. Resin bonded drives are the other common type that you can invest in and it involves the use of loose gravel that is then laid directly onto a glue.

The popularity of resin driveways has surged over the years. Significantly, the high demand has also led to an increase in resin driveway prices. The good news is that the cost of this type of paving has not discouraged many people from investing in these driveways. There are a number of factors as to why many people choose resin paving. Have a look;

  • Permeability

Resin bound drives are widely used because of their permeability. During their installation process, voids are created to allow rainwater to permeate through the surface and allow groundwater to level.

This aid regulates the effect of shrinkage. The water is able to drain through and you will not have standing water or surface water run-off on the pathways.

  • Aesthetical Remarkable

You should not have second thoughts when planning to undertake a paving project. Resin bound driveways are the best to go for regardless of the resin driveway cost. Resin bound paving is decorative and versatile.

It comes with a wide variety of colours and textures that are great for any project. The driveway finish looks amazing and will definitely appeal to your and to anyone who visits your home.

  • Long-lasting

You should not have any reservations investing in resin bound driveways because of their cost. This is a type of paving that is quite durable, strong and will last more than 20 years. All you need is to properly install and maintain resin. This means that you should seek professional assistance and come up with a high-quality project.

  • Resistant To Weather Conditions

You should not hesitate to invest in a paving project that will save you extra money when it comes to repairs and general maintenance. Resin bound gravel drives are built in a way that they will be able to overcome harsh wealth conditions.

This means that you will not have to spend extra money changing your driveway as resin does not soften in summer or freeze during winter as well as fade in sunlight.

  • Environmentally Friendly

An environment-friendly type of drives is what you need to go for in your hunt for best driveways options in the market. Resin bound driveway helps to solve biodiversity problems that may result as a result of pollutants and impurities that flow into natural watercourses and into drains.

Everything to Know About the Cost of Resin Driveways

resin bound driveways

There are many properties that make resin drives stand out as the best option in the market. It is a popular choice among many people these days, the only major concern is their cost. Many people have reservations when picking resin for their project because they don’t know how much resin paving projects cost.

It is not that easy to quote resin driveway cost per square metre as most of these projects have varied specifications and consideration. It is challenging to quote the exact cost per square but with the help of an experienced driveway expert, you can estimate the cost without much hassle.

The cost of resin driveways can be unclear because the project is different from other paving projects. There are different variables that affect the cost of the resin drives. These factors may include;

  • Size Of The Area

To determine the cost of your driveway project, you need to figure out the size and layout of the area to cover or implement this project on. Fuel to use in your project comes with a fixed cost. You have to calculate the amount of fuel you will spend getting to and from the construction site.

Larger driveway installation projects will offer space for economies of scale and the entire project might be expensive. The square metre cost will reduce as the driveway area to cover increases, and equally increase as the area reduces.

Interestingly, you have to keep in mind that the cost of a driveway will also vary in regardless of the shape and accessibility of the driveways. A shaped driveway is more difficult to install and will cost more.

  • The Required Depth And Aggregate Size

There are different aggregates that you can use in constructing driveways. The size of the resin aggregate can vary from 2mm to 10 mm. Each size has a varied price point and specific rates. The depth of the aggregate determines the quantity of the resin mixture and the depth should be at least three times the size of the largest aggregate.

  • Condition Of The Current Driveway

The best thing with resin is that you can also install it on another surface without any form of excavation. However, you have to make sure that the base is in good condition before you put on the overlay.

This is one of the major advantages of resin driveways, as you can install them over an existing surface. If you already have a concrete or asphalt drive, you can lay over the resin and aggregate mixture without having to remove the surface.

  • Consider Whether You Need UV Stable Or Non UV Stable Resin

There are two major resin types available in the market. You need to consider between UV resin and non UV resin and you will definitely save more money. Non UV resin will easily lose their colour when exposed to sun rays. They will then start to turn yellow after losing their colour with time. You should simply go for UV stable stones that will cost you more than the non UV stable designs.

  • Add Edging

You need to invest in edging techniques as most of the loose stone come apart from resin driveway and will spoil its shape. Major choices to go for include paving slabs, bricks, as well as wood. You will need an edge because it will act as a restraint and you can do it using various materials that come in different costs.

  • Consider The Time Of The Year

You need to be considerate about the time of the year when you want to install resin driveways. Because weather conditions vary, you need to choose the right time to install resin driveways. For instance, during summer resin can dry out too quickly while it might take time to dry during winter.

It is advisable to undertake driveway installation projects during autumn and spring. Any sudden change in weather conditions can lead to extra costs on the projects you are undertaking. You have to plan extensively on the time of the year when to undertake your paving project.

  • The Colour Blend

The cost of a resin driveway will vary with the type of aggregate you use. Significantly, each type of aggregate comes with different prices. The source of the aggregate is also exclusive and the size, colour and dimension will also vary. The colour mixes will also vary and this is a facet that will affect the prices of the resin driveway.

  • Quality Of The Resin

With different types of resin for paving that you can get in the market. This is a fact that can also easily influence the prices of the resin driveway of choice. Choosing between a UV stable polyurethane resin and non-UV stable polyurethane resin can also affect the resin bound driveway cost. The quality of these resin driveways is also different and will also vary from one manufacturer to another.

Those looking for a more economical design can go for non-UV stable resin and save extra money than going for UV stable resin, which is a bit expensive. UV stable resin goes through a demanding manufacturing process and is more refined and will definitely cost more.

  • The Vehicles Will Be Using The Driveway

Most driveways are designed in a way that they can hold vehicles of varied weight. In fact, most driveways can hold vehicles with weight above 7.5tonnes and the depth of the resin drives should be installed at 18mm. This means that you will have to spend more on the material and spend extra money.

To Sum Up

With many paving options in the market, you should not have problems investing in a quality resin drive. It is worth your time to look at the different examples of resin driveways in the market and online is the best place to base your search.

If you are looking for a resin driveway quote, look no further than Complete Drives and Patios. You will get quotes from its team of driveway specialists and have a clear idea of the average cost of a resin driveway. Feel free to also ask about the available kind of discounts and guarantees.

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