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Paving Trends 2020

Building the perfect paving in your home or commercial space makes a huge difference in the general outlook of your exterior space. Indeed, you can define the mood and feel of your space just by making the right choices. This necessitates that you get all the necessary information on the trendy paving options available and the specific ideas that can work for your space. This article offers you all the insights.

Making the Right Paving Options

Even before thinking about paving trends to choose in 2020, it is important to evaluate some of the aspects that will influence your choices. They include:

  • Your needs. Always consider the unique characteristics that define your space. What paving trend will suit your space after renovations or new property? What kind of traffic are you expecting? How much space do you have for the paving? You will make the right choices as you answer these questions.
  • Your budget. Try to work within your budget to avoid delays and frustrations in the construction process.
  • Durability. A good paving job is likely to last for ages. The materials utilized will also affect the durability aspect.
  • Aesthetics. With paving, you have the option of narrowing down to what appeals to you and your guests. Viewing some of the projects that were handled by a service provider in the past will help you through in this case.

Paving Trends to Try In 2020

In 2019, you may want to consider the following trends:

  • 1. Easy-clean trends. Many homeowners have limited time to remove stains and dirt from their paving driveways. From the job-related obligations, school work, to social life, there is very little time left for cleaning. It is for this reason that everyone is looking for the easy-to-clean paving options. Fortunately, materials are now being treated with stain-free technology to the end that dirt and spills do not penetrate the surface.
  • 2. Natural look paving. A naturally looking exterior space is many people’s desire because it brings them closer to nature. A sense of calmness and tranquillity is, therefore, created. It is no wonder that naturally looking paving will continue to be a popular choice in 2020. Colours such as brown and grey are used while the textures tend to be rough. You will have made a good choice by going for concrete paving and different mixes of aggregates to emulate natural stones.It is worth noting at this point that people have traditionally opted for plants to create the natural look. However, it is becoming difficult to maintain them in perfect health. Different materials are, therefore, being combined to create a unique look.Also, it is possible to get perfect natural paving outcomes by going for antique style look, where natural stone materials are tumbled to offer the appearance of aged stone. The option is ideal in homes where older styles inspired the construction. Modern styles will hence look out place.
  • 3. Blending in the interior with the exterior. A seamless blend of the interior and exterior is indicative that the property owner is thoughtful and creative. It creates a lasting impression and increases the property’s value. Accordingly, you may want to embrace the paving trend in 2020 by changing the colours and incorporating large spaces of hard underfoot materials. The trick here is to ensure that the transition from the interior to the exterior area seems easy.
  • 4. Wood effect paving. Nothing can replace wood. The material will never get out of style, which explains why people are opting for the wood effect paving. It ushers in a natural and warm look if you can find a practical way of incorporating the material in paving. The outdoor space is subject to harsh weather conditions, which means that the wood will decay with time. You must find a way of creating a look of wood yet avoid the related complications.
  • 5. Irregular layouts. Imperfections are being celebrated more in the design world because they show love for nature. The smooth surface paving is, therefore, being replaced by textured paving options. You will find a mixture of large and small slabs arranged randomly through space.At the same time, a harmonious integration with the plants and other aspects of your space is important. The paving must not look like an invasive part of your exterior even when you opt for irregular layouts. You can achieve perfect results by placing plants in places where pavers are absent.
  • 6. Porcelain paving. This material is becoming increasingly popular because of its incredible characteristics. The first one is that it is scratch resistance. The material is dense and hence, it will take a long time before you see any marks on the surface. This means that your space will look aesthetically appealing for ages.More so, porcelain is frost resistant. It can tolerate sub-zero temperatures and for this reason, many people are using it for exterior applications. It is also a perfect choice if you don’t have time for cleaning because it is low maintenance. The material does absorb moisture; hence dirt and stains are kept at bay. You may only need to clean the surface with warm water and soap once in a while to remover dirt and debris. You are also at liberty to choose the sizes that allow you to create a unique look in your home.
  • 7. Incorporating different levels. This trend helps you to add dimension and interest in a space. It is a good way of adding some spice in a boring exterior without necessarily going overboard. You must find the right materials such as slimline brick for a complete look.
  • 8. Use of patterned features. You can add depth and perspective just by choosing the right patterns for your paving. Unexpected visual design will make any space outstanding. Designers can opt for the checkered contrasts to separate spaces. A sense of intimacy is created in the open space. It is demonstrated well in the figure below:
  • 9. Cobble sett paving. This option is ideal for a person in need of heavily textured looks. It is suitable for homes with a traditional garden, where busy and colourful designs are incorporated. The paving is made from different materials including clay, limestone, slate, and sandstone.
  • 10. Doing away with clutter to create more space. It is clear that property spaces are becoming smaller by the day due to the high urban population. You don’t have the pleasure of bringing in everything you always wanted in your area. Doing away with clutter is, therefore, essential. In any case, many people need space for parties and meetings. Few yet outstanding features in the paving are trendy.
  • 11. Combination of colours. With the aim of pushing the boundaries further, homeowners are now combining different colours in paving. This is particularly true when trying to emulate materials such as asphalt. You can also join the trend by mixing dark and bright colours.
  • 12. Walling. This trend allows you to define spaces correctly. It creates an illusion of more space when you are dealing with small areas. Ensure that your personality is highlighted by incorporating some textures and colours on the wall.
  • 13. Permeable Paving. Changes in climate have taught the world that every construction in a property must be done thoughtfully. Flooding is common today, with many homes in the United Kingdom being completely destroyed. It is for this reason that permeable paving is the most practical choice for property owners. Some of the materials used in this case are porous asphalt and concrete. They are constructed over a base of fines to filter the water. The soil base must not be compacted for better results.

Finding Help With your Paving

It is clear that there many paving designs to look out for in 2020. Even so, your ability to achieve perfect results depends on the service providers. You must only engage them for services if they are:

  • Friendly. You must be in a position to discuss the paving ideas and opinions in a friendly manner so that all your needs are met.
  • Skilled. The paving experts must have the skills to make the installations efficiently and in a way, that durability is ascertained. They must be aware of the trends that will work for you to create functional and appealing spaces. Note that not all the paving trends in 2019 will suit your property because your home’s design is unique.
  • Affordable. There is nothing wrong with saving a few pounds when paving. Compare prices to find the most affordable professionals in your area. You must also appreciate that you will save some money in the long run, if you opt for durable paving materials.

In your search for the paving experts, you will come across the Complete Drives and Patios Limited. The Essex based professionals are reputable in offering garden design and patio pavers services. They are experienced, skilled and will always advise you on the most suitable options for your property. You are assured of getting the transformation you always wanted in the exterior space.

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