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Concrete Driveways vs. Tarmac Driveways | Cost, Maintenance, Lifespan

Are you looking to relay your driveway with a new material? If so, both concrete and tarmac are excellent options you can consider. To make the task of choosing between the two easier, refer to the infographic below which contains a comparison of two of the most popular driveway materials in the UK.

Tarmac driveways offer a very classic look that is cherished by many people. However, modern concrete driveways offer such a high degree of customisability that you can seamlessly recreate the look of a tarmac driveway with concrete. That said, this customisability does come at a price as concrete driveways are not only expensive to install but also to repair. Moreover, repairing a concrete driveway is far more complicated than repairing a tarmac one.

However, the scales are tilted in concrete’s favour when it comes to the driveway’s lifespan and maintenance. Tarmac needs higher maintenance (albeit it is easier to maintain and repair) and has a significantly shorter lifespan than concrete. The choice then is down to your preferences. Both are excellent driveway materials and can perfectly handle the vagaries of the erratic UK weather.

If you want to know about the differences between the two materials, feel free to get in touch with us. Complete Drives & Patios is a leading builder of various driveways in Essex. In addition to building tarmac, concrete, gravel and block paving driveways, we excel at coming up with innovative driveway design ideas. Call us today to get a free quote for your preferred driveway material and design.

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