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4 Types of Driveways for Your Home & their Advantages | Infographic

After years of use, has your driveway finally run its course and needs a replacement? If so, you have quite a few driveway options to choose from. The four driveway options featured here are by no means the only ones. However, they are the most popular driveway options with homeowners in the UK.

Concrete driveways continue to remain the preferred driveway option for a lot of homeowners. Improvements in design and driveway laying techniques have capitalised on the traditional strengths of concrete, which has resulted in a driveway material that is more than capable of holding its own in the face of newer driveway options. In fact, a lot of contractors these days are collaborating with driveway design services to come up with visually striking concrete driveways.

Next on the list is gravel, a material which was not considered fit for driveways for the longest time. Made up of small stones, rocks and clay pieces, gravel driveways are finding more takers every day owing to their low cost and ease of installation. It’s so easy to install that many homeowners are known to go the DIY way instead of a professional gravel driveway service. And since gravel can be procured in a wide variety of colours, gravel driveways also offer a lot of customisation options.

For the longest time, tarmac driveways were the preferred choice of homeowners across the UK. After all, they were (still are) cheap to install, last a long time and are perfectly suited to the UK weather, which is infamous for its coldness and dampness. They are also cheaper to maintain and ideal if you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall since their black colour traps a greater amount of heat, which melts snow off faster than other driveway materials.

The final entrant in our list of UK’s most popular driveway materials is block paving. Pathways made of paver blocks have been around for hundreds of years. However, block paving offers a wider choice of design, materials and finishes than ever before. So, now your choice includes paver blocks made of concrete, clay and even stone. If you want a driveway material that offers extensive customisation options, is eco-friendly, easy to maintain and water permeable, block paving is the way to go.

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